cooking utensilsAny expert in the culinary field knows that the kitchen is the most vital part of any restaurant or home. You need the right tools to pull off any and all types of exquisite and gourmet meal desired.

Ideal Kitchen Equipment

Rookie restaurant managers and home owners always fall short when it comes to stocking their kitchen. They always get ahead of themselves and forget to buy the basic requirements of any kitchen. Lucky for you, here are the top 10 things that any kitchen should always have:

Commercial ice makers

Commercial ice makers are very important part of kitchen equipment that produces ice for a commercial kitchen. Ice machines are capable of making large amounts of ice cubes quickly throughout a 24-hour period.

Knives to a chef are like a stethoscope to a doctor, without them neither one of them is efficient at their jobs. And do not be tricked in buying those low quality knives. Skimping out will just result in slow performance because every food being prepared must at one time find its way on the sharp end of a knife.

Chopping Boards
If you have the knives then you need somewhere to chop on, it’s a yin and yang of some sorts. Every cook needs at least two chopping boards, one for cooked food and another for raw foods and veggies.

Cooking Pots
Without cooking pots, then you are either serving salads only or you have no clue what you are doing. The ideal kitchen pots are nonstick pots that cook the food slowly

Cooking Utensils
You need a wide range of cooking utensils to handle food when cooking or serving. The basic ones that are a must have are:

  • a nonstick spatula
  • wooden spoons
  • a rolling pin
  • a vegetable peeler and slicer
  • a whisk
  • stainless mixing bowls

Triple Stand Colander
A colander never lacks purpose in any kitchen because it is quite hard to go three days without preparing pasta. If you are opening up an Italian restaurant you really need it, if it has a stand the better.

baking gearBlender
Blenders are useful in preparing all types of dessert treats like a strawberry or chocolate smoothie and even when preparing a salad dressing.

Baking Gear
Basic baking equipment actually depend to the extent of baking you have in mind. A fast food joint will definitely need several pizza pans and roasting racks whereas bed and breakfast will need lots of baking pans.

Electric Mixers
To ease the baking load in any kitchen, an electric mixer is definitely needed. It not only ensures the dough is well mixed without any flour lumps left behind but also works fast to meet that morning breakfast rush and lunchtime haze.