Design Steps For a Unique Gravestone

The loss of a loved one can leave a massive hole in our lives. After the memorial service and burial, there remains one more task: to create your tombstone. Most modern tombstones are granite, an igneous rock that comes in many colours. In the past, other materials, such as slate and marble, were preferred. Gravestones do not wear out as quickly as slate. In the end, even sculpture found itself in the rain.

The design process allows us to think about the life of the one we lost. This allows a personal healing journey that ends with an eternal monument of our love. Think of the person who went through. Remember the elements of their life that were unique to them, that which separated them from the crowd. A moment of inspiration will come, like a bolt from the blue. Let it happen; let it wash you. Take the time to find the right motive because tombstones are both permanent and expensive. You want it to be just right!

Flowers are also suitable because they are symbolic. Now they are trendy. Each flower has a different meaning, so choose carefully! Make sure that the statement you make with the image you select is in line with your intentions.

Religious people can choose from a variety of their characters. Even if these characters do not stand out, they can fit into your basic design. For example, an angel, a cup, or a cross may be a proper representation of their religious beliefs.

After we dwell on the primary motive, it’s time to consider the epitaph and some personal emblems. They are only three or four inches tall and are used to show the unique interests that revived the deceased. They can be anything, for example, fish for a fisherman or musical notes for a singer. They may refer to the military or sports. Decide which ones are right for you.

The letters are used to form the epitaph, verses that express a thought to the visitor. These words usually represent something about the deceased, or a favourite poem, or some other suitable words. Sometimes a verse will be religious if that seems appropriate.

Now you have a motive, emblems and epitaph. You just used the general principles to design a granite tombstone for your loved one. Sketch your design and repeat it. Once it is inscribed in stone, it is impossible to return it. Send the layout to your monument company, and in a few weeks, you will have an eternal tribute to the one you loved, a unique tombstone that you created yourself!